What is a skin care regimen? – Easy skincare routine

You probably have heard about skincare regimen or skincare routines, and you may even have a notion about what it is. But do you know why is important to have a skincare regimen? What composes a good skincare regimen? And when should you have one? In this post, I’ll answer all those questions and tell you exactly what is a skincare regimen.

What is a skincare regimen?

A skincare regimen is a series of steps you do to take care of your skin. Mostly are done in the morning and at night. These steps are composed by the use of products that ensure a healthy skin. The types of products you use will depend on the skin type you have.

What stands out of a skincare regimen or routine, is that it is done daily and is routine. This means that you shouldn’t skip one day.

Why everyone should have a skincare routine.

Everyone should have a skincare routine because it is how we can see results. For example, if you are trying to lose weight and you some times eat healthily but others you eat junk food, so the most probable thing is. that you won’t see any results.

In the case of skincare is the same thing. In fact, in the case of most skincare products, you can only see results after about a month (usually 28 days), the reason for this is that a typical skin cycle is of 28 days. In this cycle, the skin matures, dies, sheds and fresh skin appears. So by using a product for that amount of time, you’ll get to see the skin reaction and the result better.

Elements of a Great skincare routine.

Some times, there is some confusion as to what products should be in our daily routine, weekly routine, or monthly routine. The first thing you should know is that it depends on the skin. Of course, there are some things on our daily skincare regimen that no matter what skin type you have, you should do, which mostly consist of washing your face and makeup, using moisturizer, and using sunscreen. There are other basics and if you want to know more, you can read the post on how to get beautiful and glowing skin.

How to do a skincare regimen/routine.

You should have two skincare routines, one in the morning and the other at night, and it can change between the days if you have a treatment or depending on the product you use according to your skin. Here I’ll give you a light easy to do skincare routine if you are just starting, so you can create the habit of taking care of your skin.

  • Morning skincare routine: In the morning, your skincare routine should be quite simple. The first thing you should do is to wash your face, this shouldn’t be with harsh cleansers since you are supposed to wash your face thoroughly at night, rather with neutral hypoallergenic face wash or even only water, this is mostly to freshen up. In the case that you use a toner or/and a serum, you should put them before your moisturizer (you can read more about it on what is skin hydration), after the moisturizer you should put your sunscreen on, which is an important step that is often skipped.
  • Night skincare routine: While the morning routine is quite simple and with very few steps, the night routine has more steps, because you have to clean and repair the skin. At night your pores are clogged, due to makeup, pollution, etc. The first step should be to remove all the makeup, then to wash your face or exfoliate, you can alternate days and if you have sensitive skin you can exfoliate every two days; then, you can put your tonic or micellar water on and then put your serum, and finally put your moisturizer or retinoid. You can use retinoid alternating days with the moisturizer. Retinols have many benefits that I will write in another post, but you should know that you should defenitly have retinoids on your skin care regimen.


Skin care regimen
Night skincare routine


Your skincare regimen should be easy to do, if you are just starting and don’t have a routine yet, it’s better if you start simple until you acquire the habit, by doing your skin care regimen every day for 30 days, you’ll start to see improvement in your skin. The products you use should be according to your skin type as well as some steps, for example exfoliation. You should exfoliate less if you have sensitive skin or use chemical exfoliators’ that don’t require rubbing the skin. The bottom line is that you should start simple until you create the habit, and even some times that’s all you need. Some times we do more damage to the skin by adding unnecessary steps to our skin care regimen, and by using extravagant products. Some times less is more.

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