Organic Skincare Benefits

Nowadays, we constantly hear about words like organic, natural, cruelty-free, vegan, etc. Especially in the beauty skincare, but at the same time, we are still seeing many non-organic products hit the market. In this post I will tell you what are organic products and the organic skincare benefits, so you can make an informed decision if you want to use organic products.

What is Organic skincare?

Organic skincare would mean that the products we use for our skin are organic. It also means that those products’ ingredients are also organic, as it is impossible for a product to be certified organic and have anything that is not organic. Even the process has to be organic.

So what does organic mean? It means that the product does not have certain substances like synthetic ingredients, and even in some cases, natural ingredients such as arsenic that are damaging both to you and the environment.

 The organic skincare benefits.

1. No hidden ingredients.

By hidden ingredients, I am referring to two things regarding the product label.

  • The product won’t have synthetic fragrances, nor perfumes. When the company has fragrance written on its label, it doesn’t necessarily refer to the ingredient that will help you smell good or the fragrance of the product. In fact, it’s where many companies put unknown ingredients due to a loophole in the FDA regulations because they said that the company doesn’t have to release the ingredients if they are considered trade secrets.
  • You will be able to understand all the ingredients it has. Has it ever happened to you that you read a product label and didn’t understand all the products it contained, and even some of those ingredients had numbers? The good news is that won’t happen with organic products, the labels are easy to read and very straight forward.

2. 100% Natural.

There is a huge difference when a product says it’s natural than when it’s organic. Yes, a product can be both and in fact, when it is organic, it is natural. But did you know that when a product says it’s natural it doesn’t necessarily mean a 100% natural? Some brands only put a sticker on and that is it, after all, what does natural refer to? And even some times it happens with brands that claim to be organic, in those cases you should always make sure it’s certified organic.

3. Great for the environment.

Global warming is a proven fact, and every day it gets worse. The good news is that you don’t have to plant trees in order to help the environment if you don’t want to, in fact, there are many ways you can help the environment and one of those is by using organic products. As I mentioned, the organic product won’t contain chemical substances in any ingredient nor process, this causes a chain reaction, the ingredients used are organic so the land won’t be affected, there won’t be any damaging pesticides, nor transgenic ingredients.

4. Great for sensitive skin.

Because Organic products don’t contain chemicals and synthetic substances, your skin won’t suffer from diverse reactions to harsh chemicals, because of “fragrances” in a non-organic product, you might get skin reactions and irritation and won’t even know why, after all, with some non-organic products, you might don’t even know what you are putting in your skin.

5. Fewer chemicals in your body.

Your skin is absorbent, like a sponge, which is one of the reasons we use certain products like toner or serums, so the skin will absorb those. We use them because they absorb great ingredients that will help our skin, but what about those bad ingredients? Well, they get in too! So. if on top of that you eat/drink things with a high amount of chemicals like candies, sodas, chips, etc. Plus your skincare products also have damaging ingredients, you will put your body in serious problems in the future.

6. Safer for the skin.

Some products might contain small quantities of known cancer-inducing chemicals and even if the quantities are so small that is considered safe, what about if you use it every day, or if you use other products that contain the same ingredient? The environmental working group (EWG) found 1,4 dioxane (a carcinogen) in 28% of personal care products, and the Organic consumer association found 1,4 dioxane in 40% of products labeled “natural” including some lotions.

7. Better smell.

The organic skin care products you’ll put in your skin will have natural scents that are better, for example, the natural smell of a strawberry will be completely different from an artificial one. Also, you’ll get more used to natural smells which will help you differentiate between artificial and natural scents and you will be able to smell the natural sent even more strongly.

8. Better mindset.

Using more organic skincare products can be a step into a healthy mindset, it can be because you are helping the environment or because you are progressing or changing into the healthiest lifestyle so you decided to use organic products. You will feel better.

9. Just as good.

Last but not least, I have to mention that organic products are as effective as non-organic, and in some cases, they might be even better. They still have natural and effective ingredients in specific doses to help your skin.

There are some disadvantages.

I could paint you a beautiful world and convince you to use organic products, but it has some disadvantages, although very small if you compare them to its benefits.

  • Most Organic products are expensive: If organic products are so great, then why there are still non-organic skincare products in the market? well, it’s because they are usually expensive. Because organic products are free of synthetic substances and their ingredients don’t include pesticides and others, they tend to be a bit more expensive. Don’t worry though, there are still organic skincare products that are affordable.
  • Skin reactions: While organic products are great, in some cases it can cause a bit of irritation or allergies, and that is because of the natural ingredients and quantities they have to compensate for the artificial ones, the good part is that it doesn’t happen with all and it just depends on the person. All skins are different.


The benefits of using organic products vs. non-organic ones are much more, and regarding the price? in a future post, I’ll write about affordable organic skincare products as well as reviews.

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Hope you have a good day!


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