Easy Homemade Face Masks

Written by Sofia

July 14, 2020

Sometimes we all need an extra boost to get radiant glowing skin, and said boost is great when it comes in the shape of an easy homemade face mask. One, because most of the necessary ingredients, we already have it at home; two because it allows us to know exactly what product we are putting in our face, and last but not least, because of all the benefits we can get from using face masks.

In the last post, I showed my glowing recipe, with the most basics steps on how to get beautiful and glowing skin. Following these steps every day consistently one should have radiant skin, but… sometimes our skins can be a bit stubborn and with changes in the environment, diet, season changes, pollution, and other factors we do need the extra boost I mentioned before; and let’s be honest who doesn’t love a good face mask and/or spa day at home.

Face masks benefits

There are countless benefits of using face masks. After all, we can say that face masks are tailored made sense it targets specific problems that one can have; It can be with the skin, specific skin types, needs, etc. And… if we lack a certain vitamin in our skin, we can tackle the issue with a certain ingredient that we add into our face mask and so on.

The range of benefits is huge, but the most common face masks are moisturizing, cleansing, and hydrating. In this post I will show you face masks with my top ingredients, and that have different purposes.

Hydrating Face Mask

We may drink a lot of water and use a lot of lotion but sometimes it’s not enough. Here is one of my favorite masks for extra hydrated skin, the best part is that it doesn’t contain oily ingredients if you are worried about an oily face.

  • Ingredients:
  1. Aloe Vera gel: Aloe does an amazing job of hydrating the skin, not only that, but there have been studies that show that aloe also helps to regenerate the skin and that it has healing properties. It is also antiseptic which makes it a great disinfectant and helps us get rid of some awful dead cells. It also contains vitamin a, c, e, b’s & folic acid.
  2. Steamed Broccoli (smashed): Broccoli is a great antioxidant, anti-inflammatory (due to its anti-allergic properties) because it contains quercetin & kaempferol. And a great deal of vitamin c & k1.
  3. Cucumber (smashed): There is a reason why to most people when thinking about relaxing or a spa day the image of a person with slices in the eyes’ comes to mind. And it is because cucumber is extremely good at healing inflammation ( which helps to get rid of eye bags). Not only that but cucumber helps with acne, lines & wrinkles because it’s hydrating properties. It also protects from the damage made from the sun, soothes & tightens the skin, that’s why is an amazing ingredient to use after a day spent in the sun or to tone the face.
  • Preparation: If you use the Aloe plant, extract the aloe gel, then mix it with the smashed broccoli and the smashed cucumber in a blender. Put the mix in your face, and leave it for 15 minutes

Aloe Plant

Cleansing Face mask

This next face mask is great if you need an extra to cleanse in your face, to reach the open pores and clean some dirt that may be stuck in there, as well as to have a fresh face

  • Ingredients:
  1. 1tsp Baking Soda: Baking soda is a must-have in my house, I use it for everything and its possible uses are many, I use it to whiten my teeth, to bake, clean, etc. But in this case, I will talk about the benefit of using it in the face. In my previous post, I mentioned that most nights I use it for cleaning my face instead of using soap, and this is because it is a great cleanser If I don’t use it all the time it’s because it can be a bit drying and a bit hard on sensitive skin. But it soothes itchiness, cleanses the skin, handles sweaty skin (the drying part), exfoliates, brightens, and evens the skin. Which is why I highly recommend it.
  2. 1 Lime: Lime is a natural bleaching agent, it’s astringent and has antibiotic properties which make it the perfect ingredient to clean open pores, and for dead skin removal. Limes also contain vitamins a & c which helps to reduce wrinkles, clears skin and treats dark spots
  3. Honey: There is a reason why honey is used in many face masks, some of these reasons are because it’s moisturizing, has many vitamins (riboflavin, niacin, folate, vitamin c, pathogenic acid) it’s an amino acid, works as a natural preservative (after all honey never goes bad). Honey is a great anti-aging agent, it reduces pimples, exfoliates due to its gluconic acid (organic acid), and it’s good for sensitive skin because it’s rich in anti-inflammatory factors, and in the case of this face mask it will also help to make it lighter on the skin, in the sense that baking soda and lime are drying agents and can leave the skin a bit sensitive, so the honey besides adding all the benefit listed before, it will also moisturize the skin


  • Preparation: Mix the three ingredients and if you feel that the mix it too thick or you have sensitive skin, you can add a bit of water into the blend. Leave it between 10- 15 minutes depending on your skin sensitivity. Because of the lime and the baking powder make sure you use it at night.

Moisturizing Face mask

Do you feel your face extra dry? do you need a moisturizing boost? If so, this is the perfect mask for your skin.

  • Ingredients:
  1. 1 Avocado: Avocado is rich in omega 3, vitamins a, d & e. Avocado leaves the skin moisturized, relieves inflammation from psoriasis & eczema, promotes collagen synthesis helping to reduce signs of aging by helping to retain elasticity.
  2. 1/2 cup Natural Yogurt: Yogurt contains lactic acid which is an exfoliating and moisturizing anti-aging agent, it contains calcium that promotes skin regeneration, and contains b vitamins which make skin glow and bright
  3. 2 tbsp Olive Oil: How I love olive oil. It Penetrates the skin delivering nutrients such as vitamins a & e to the deeper layers of the skin, stimulates circulation, helps with the elimination of toxins, it is antibacterial and it’s a healthy oil. Olive oil is the perfect moisturizer.

    • Preparation: Mash the avocado and mix all the ingredients, leave it on your face for 12 – 15 min and try to not eat it haha

    Protective Face Mask

    Have you spent the most day outside in the sun? or maybe you live in the city surrounded by pollution? If that’s the case, this face mask is perfect for the occasion.

    • Ingredients:
    1. Aloe Vera gel: I’ve mentioned the benefit in the hydrating face mask, and as I mentioned, Aloe is great for regenerating, which if you have sunburn or feel your skin sensitive it’s the perfect ingredient for you.
    2. Smashed purple Grapes: Grapes are amazing in protecting the skin because it contains antioxidants, tannins & resveratrol, helping to protect the skin from free radicals & pollution
    • Preparation: Mix the Aloe gel and the smashed grapes with the peel on since the peel is the part that contains the tannins. And spread it through the face. Leave it on for 12 min

    Choose your Favorite Face Mask

    Now that you have these options, see and feel what your skin needs and choose one of these easy homemade masks. You can even use one night and another the next one, for example, one night you can use the cleansing mask, and the next night you can use the moisturizing one.

    Do you have a favorite face mask or do you want an easy homemade face mask for a specific problem or type of skin? Share it on the comments! You can also follow Glowing Rush on social media to get more news and info.

    Have an amazing & relaxing spa day at home and enjoy these easy homemade face masks with a glass of wine and great music!

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