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In this blog, you can read all about how to get that beautiful fresh young-looking skin. Follow us in the journey of how to get that, no matter what age you are, no matter what budget you have, and feel how that rush of confidence starts to boost out of you.




Hi there, I’m Sofia 

Hi! My name is Sofia and I am the founder of Glowing Rush.

I’ve loved makeup since I was a kid. I would put my mom’s makeup on. and she would hide her makeup bags while she was at work, but somehow I’ve always managed to find it. After that long phase, I had a little break with makeup because I was old enough to understand that it wasn’t OK to rummage through my mom’s makeup but young enough that she wouldn’t let me use it. And that is when I started learning and loving skincare.



How did I learn about skincare?

My mom was always protective of my skin and at that age, I didn’t care much, I would care more about makeup even if I wasn’t allowed to wear it, so sometimes I wouldn’t understand why I had to wear cream and sunscreen every day.

At 13, I was lucky and didn’t suffer from puberty effects such as acne. I didn’t have the perfect skin but it was OK, sometimes it was a bit greasy and I had the occasional pimples. My brother did have acne (he is 2 years older than me) and I would go to the dermatologist with him. In that process is where I started to gain fascination on skincare and learned that It wasn’t only the outside that mattered, but also the inside (what he ate) that had an impact on the skin. After his treatment, his skin was completely clear and it was even better than mine! And that’s when I wanted to learn more about creams and lotions.

At 15, I was getting a bit chubbier and add the growth I had, I started to get stretch marks, that’s when I went back to the dermatologist and finally learn all about daily care, skincare routines and the importance of being consistent. Through the years I started to learn more and more about makeup and skincare. 

Good skin = great makeup.

When finally I could wear makeup, I would take every chance to wear makeup just for the sake of it. Now, I finally appreciate every type of makeup (natural makeup is my favorite) and I take care of my canvas (my skin) so I also appreciate not wearing makeup or wearing minimal enhancing makeup to look on point. Besides loving makeup, when I finally mastered the basics, I finally appreciated what I was doing and saw it in a totally different light.

I want to help you with your skin and even if you have great skin, you may find some information and tips that you might love, I certainly love when I find new tips and tricks!

Beautiful skin, beautiful makeup, and beautiful confidence.

To have a flawless makeup is necessary that the foundation is great, meaning the basics and the skin. The makeup and skincare industry is constantly changing and I want to show you what’s best and current in a straightforward manner and easy to understand. We all want a Glowing Skin! Glowing skin can definitely improve self steam, self-love and give you a Rush of confidence! 

While everybody should be confident no matter what and love itself, some times we do get affected by certain things whereas it is acne, dry skin, greasy skin, etc. I want you to know that It is OK. I want to help you to achieve that beautiful glowing skin and help you to increase your self-confidence and self-love!

So please have a look around and if you have some other tips and tricks don’t hesitate to share it!


All the best,


Founder of GlowingRush.com

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